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Family making wine with Pedro Ximenez grapes since 1729 in Jerez de la Frontera

Ximenez-Spinola is the Jerez winery of the Successors of Phelipe Antonio Zarzana Spínola, whose first exports documented in notary records date back to 1729, although in the winery no manuscripts related to their commercial activity were kept until 1736, and of this particular grape variety, until 1752.

The circumstances of “Ximenez-Spinola” make it a unique winery in the Jerez area, as no other winemaking family has been and remains dedicated exclusively to Pedro Ximenez grapes, obtaining recognition of this from the Spanish authorities with the concession of the “Own Accreditation Pedro Ximenez Varietal Denomination”.

Our own accreditation wines are notably different, whilst at the same time, remaining proud to be from the Jerez area. They are developed using techniques created by us, with which our family has gained recognition over recent years, as they are completely different to those production methods currently covered by the D.O. Jerez-Xerés-Sherry.

Precisely for these differences in vinification and distillation, Ximenez-Spinola remains an independent family business with an interest in not in mass production but in quality and customer loyalty. As a consequence, based on a unanimous decision of the Family Board, all our production is limited and numbered, which makes each bottle a unique item, and at the same time, guarantees the quality and excellence of its contents.

We are proud of our condition as a “Winemaking House” that still makes important decisions by means of the Family Board or the Tasting and Selection Committee and in spite of not wishing to produce in high volumes, we are proud to satisfy our customers and continue the profession of our ancestors just as they would have done if they were here today in our place.

The tradition of a family dedicated to winemaking is not at odds with the desire to surround ourselves with the best collaborators in each of the areas making up part of our production and management processes. Nevertheless, there are products that without the soul and the inspiration of a vision that has been around for many years, even centuries, could not exist.

Today in XIMENEZ-SPINOLA, now in the ninth generation since the company was founded, we work just like our predecessors did, eternally grateful to those who started those soleras that they were not around to finish and ourselves laying the bases for the production with which our children will continue making our name great.

  • Brandy 10.000 Botellas

    Diez Mil Botellas Brandy

    Destilado de los vinos dulces de nuestra Casa, elaborado a la vieja usanza. Hasta 1939 la madera que predominaba en la tonelería española era el castaño.

  • Exceptional Harvest

    Exceptional Harvest

    Su recolección tardía hace posible alcanzar sabores y aromas excepcionales, así como un suave retrogusto de dulcedumbre natural.

  • Fermentación lenta

    Fermentación Lenta

    Un exquisito vino blanco de Jerez de uva Pedro Ximénez, que aporta sabores y aromas desconocidos y totalmente distintos a otro vino.

  • Old Harvest

    Sin stock

    Old Harvest

    El Old Harvest es un vino blanco 100% Pedro Ximénez de crianza oxidativa, una “pieza única” en todo el marco de Jerez de la Frontera.

  • Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo

    Sin stock

    Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo

    Selección limitada y numerada escogida por el Comité de Cata y Selección de la solera de 1918. Máximo 9000 botellas.

  • Pedro Ximénez Vintage

    Pedro Ximénez Vintage

    Vino Dulce natural, de color ámbar oscuro brillante, con la elegante dulcedumbre natural que diferencia a los Pedro Ximénez de alta calidad.



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