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A family tradition of wine-making since 1930

Miguel Domecq belongs to the seventh uninterrupted generation of a winemaking family that started in 1730 when Jean Hauríe, a Frenchman from Bearne, built a bodega, or winery, in Jerez, that went on to be called Pedro Domecq. When this company, still a family business, was sold in 1994, it was the largest brandy and sherry producer in the world and the eighth largest company in the world in the alcoholic drinks sector.

Miguel Domecq wanted to recuperate the age-old tradition of Jerez as a producer of table wines, in his ALBARIZAS, lands with the white chalky soil that gives that wines from Jerez their unique character. After careful research, in 2003, he planted the table wine grape varieties that are best adapted to this soil type. Several years later he started to produce high quality table wines.

The Palomino grape was introduced to Jerez at the end of the 17th century. It produced wines of a medium alcohol content, that need to be fortified with brandy to stabilise them, and in this way, sherry as we know it today was developed.


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